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Hand Wash
Maintenance Wash - Starting At $24
Full vehicle hand washSpotless rinseOptional: Wheels, tires washed and tires shined
A perfect quick clean for vehicles protected by our ceramic coatings and protectants. Our expert detailers carefully remove dirt and grime from you vehicle and our final rinse leaves no water spots.
Premium Wash - Starting At $59
Includes Maintenance Wash packageStreakless hand dryWheel wash & tire shine14 Day protectantOptional: Chemical decontamination
With the addition of a thorough wheel wash, tire shine, protectant and hand dry, our Premium Wash package leaves your car cleaner than the day you bought it.
Wash & Protect - Starting At $149
Includes Premium Wash packageChemical decontamination6 Month paint protectantOptional: Top coat hand waxOptional: Clay bar decontamination
Our Wash & Protect package removes contaminants from your paint like tree sap, bugs, and iron fallout. Superior to waxes for protection; our 6-Month paint protectant is an affordable solution for protecting your paint year round.
Maintenance - Starting At $69
Front and back seat vacuumInterior windows cleanedCenter console, dash, and seat wipedownOptional: Trunk vacuumed
Our Maintenance Interior package is great for lightly soiled vehicles. Dirt, dust and rocks are removed from your vehicle's surfaces and left with a fresh finish.
Premium - Starting At $149
2-Stage full vehicle vacuumIntensive leather, plastic and trim shampoo + brushCloth seat shampoo extractionFoot pedals, vents, and floor mats cleanedOptional: Carpet shampoo extraction
Our Premium Interior package removes stains and leaves every surface, crack and crevise looking brand new.
Paint Correction & Protection
Polish & Protect - Starting At $499
Includes Protect Wash packageClay Bar and chemical decontaminationFull vehicle 1-step polish6 Month paint protectantOptional: 2-step correction & polish
Our Paint Correction & Protection package gets your vehicle looking it's best. With an optional 2-step correction and final protectant, our expert detailers remove swirls and scratches to leave a vehicle looking new
Ceramic Coating - Starting At $999
Full vehicle 1-step polishClay Bar and chemical decontamination4 year ceramic coating12 Month warranty (Not applicable on damaged paint)Optional: Full vehicle 2-step polish
If you need superior, long term protection and a beautiful finish, our Ceramic Coating package is the ultimate solution for your vehicle. Ceramic coatings protect your vehicle from road salt, bird droppings, road grime and offer hydrophobic properties and increased gloss
Wheel Ceramic Coating - Starting At $349
Wheel off degrease, clean and decontaminationWheels 2-step correction & polish2 Year ceramic wheel coating6 Month warranty (Not applicable on damaged paint)
Our comprehensive wheel-off decontamination, polish and ceramic coating leaves your wheels looking brand new. 2 Years of wheel specific ceramic coating makes wheels easier to clean and protects your wheels from scratches, brake dust and contamination
Engine Bay Detail - Starting At $59
Degrease and CleanBlow out leaves and debris3 month plastic protectant

Paint Chip Touchup - Starting At $49
Manufacturer color matched paintRequires minimum purchase of Basic WashTouch-up inspection prior to quote

Salt Stain Removal - Starting At $19
Light vacuum of areaSalt extraction

Interior Ceiling Clean - Starting At $49
Targeted stain extractionSunroof glass and covers cleaned

Windshield Sealant - Starting At $99
2 Year window coatingAnti-icing and hydrophobic

Odor Removal - Starting At $99
Complete extraction of interior odours

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